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Family-owned for several generations

HimmerLand has been created from a deep love for the area, which we strive to pass on to our guests through unique, memorable experiences. Our familial perspective is an inheritance stemming from Lars Larsen, who invested in HimmerLand in 1986. This legacy has since been upheld and continued by his descendants from the Brunsborg Family. Across generations, the family has heavily invested in developing HimmerLand into the fantastic resort we know today.

Jacob Brunsborg serves as chairman of the board at Lars Larsen Group and is the son of Lars Larsen. Jacob, along with his sister Mette Brunsborg and jacob’s two children and Mette’s two children, collectively own 99% of Lars Larsen Group. Today, Lars Larsen Group owns businesses in furniture, car leasing, restaurants, hotels, and is an active investor in stocks, funds, and real estate. Learn more about Lars Larsen Group at www.larslarsengroup.com.

Under the leadership of the family, HimmerLand has evolved from being a charming golf hotel in Jutland to a year-round resort welcoming guests from around the world. In other words, the family’s deep love for the place has transformed HimmerLand: today, the resort offers everything from sports activities to gastronomic experiences for families, friends, couples, and business guests. Although HimmerLand has changed, the Brunsborg Family’s purpose remains the same: to give back to the area that has meant so much to the family for generations.

Responsibility in HimmerLand

HimmerLand is situated in a beautiful location, and so taking care of the resources that surround us is important to maintaining that. In addition to a sharp environmental perspective, HimmerLand creates decent jobs where a healthy working environment and the development of individual professional skills are in focus.

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