Responsibility in HimmerLand

HimmerLand is situated in a beautiful location, and so taking care of the resources that surround us is important to maintain that. In addition to a sharp environmental perspective, HimmerLand creates decent jobs where a healthy working environment and the development of individual professional skills are in focus.

Sustainable Development Goals

HimmerLand has three sustainable development goals that are being worked on. These support the sustainable direction in HimmerLand and embrace both, social, economic, and environmental sustainability.
They ensure that we have directed our awareness in the areas where we can make a significant effort, both in the daily work and in the larger initiatives. In doing so, we take part in the social responsibility we have to contribute to a more sustainable world.

The three selected world goals that HimmerLand will have a special focus on are:

Code of Care – Social Responsibility

In HimmerLand, it is important to use human resources in the best possible way, while taking social responsibility for people who have mental, physical, or social challenges.

HimmerLand has therefore actively chosen to be an ambassador for Vesthimmerland Municipality in collaboration with Code of Care, with a focus on taking social responsibility by creating small jobs for citizens on the edge of the labor market. This gives people with other resources the opportunity to contribute to becoming part of the community.

In practice, this has led to more employment in HimmerLand, through Code of Care, in several of our departments, as well as long-term internships for employment.

Certifications in HimmerLand

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