Golf Courses

Whether you find yourself on New Course, Old Course, or our Pay & Play golf course, you will experience beautiful course layouts that both challenge your game and provide you with a unique golfing experience.

Golf Courses in HimmerLand

Our golf courses share the beautiful nature that surrounds them.

Whether you find yourself on New Course, Old Course, or our Pay & Play golf course, you will experience beautiful course layouts that both challenge your game and provide you with a unique golfing experience.

New Course – Well known from the DP World Tour

The New Course is our DP World Tour golf course, which is used for Made in HimmerLand. It is also where you will find hole 16 “HimmerLand Hill”, which has achieved an almost legendary status on the DP World Tour.

The course was designed by internationally recognized golf course architect, Philip Spogárd. The golf course is beautifully situated in the characteristic landscape, and there is plenty of space between the holes, which creates a lovely nature experience.

With no less than 5 different tees, everyone can enjoy a round on New Course. The course is varied and offers new challenges according to handicap, and the individual holes can be played in different ways and change character depending on pin placement.

On New Course, you can experience one of the rare par 6 holes, which is over 600 meters from the back tee.

New Course is our most challenging course and along the way you will experience beautiful natural surroundings, beautiful fields and impressive courses. With a length varying from 5,200m to 6,800m across 5 different tees, you’re guaranteed a challenging game. It is not without reason that the course requires handicap 40.

Handicap restriction: 40

Estimated playing time: 4 hours, 30 minutes

Old Course – En ekstraordinær golfoplevelse

Old Course in HimmerLand offers a true parkland setting and provides ample challenges. With its 5,377 meters from the yellow tee and a total of 6 par-3 holes, the course may seem like a manageable challenge at first glance, but appearances can be deceiving.

Playing up to your handicap on Old Course requires composure and careful consideration, and it’s harder than you might think. The undulating greens demand both thoughtfulness and creativity when it comes to putting.

Back in the late 1970s, golf architect Jan Sederholm was tasked with designing the first of HimmerLand’s golf courses, and thus Old Course was born.

With its beautiful location, stunning lakes, and watercourses, Old Course is a true parkland course that winds through the picturesque hills of HimmerLand.

While the New Course may steal much of the attention in HimmerLand, most golfers agree that Old Course is the most beautiful of the two.

Enjoy the course from either the yellow tee at 5,300m or the red tee at 4,600m – welcome to Old Course.

Handicap restriction: 54

Estimated playing time: 4 hours.

Pay & Play Golf

Are you looking for Pay & Play Golf in North Jutland where you can try your hand at golf?

Our Pay & Play golf course is beautifully situated by Sjørup Lake. Here, you have the perfect opportunity to practice both your short and mid-range game on the course’s 6 holes. If the course seems too easy, you have plenty of options to vary the difficulty level, as each hole has 3 teeing areas.

On our Pay & Play golf course, both experienced players and beginners can enjoy hours of golfing. There are a total of 6 par-3 holes, with distances ranging from 68 to 140 meters. It’s up to you how you want to play the Pay & Play course from the different teeing areas on each hole.

Regulate your handicap on our Pay & Play golf course

By playing 2 rounds from either tee 55 or tee 72, you have the opportunity to regulate your handicap.

Handicap restriction: None

Estimated playing time: 40-50 minutes

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