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Get all the practical details about golf in HimmerLand below. Learn more about green fees, dining options, Driving Range, starter’s house, and much more.


New Course and Old Course are open. Golf carts are not allowed 15th of july due to rain.


OPEN every day throughout the year (Note: ball dispenser is closed from December through March).

There is lighting and heating at 6 mats.

What does it cost to play golf in HimmerLand?

In HimmerLand, there are dynamic prices for green fees, which means you can book green fees at a good price when booking outside of the most popular times.

You can see the various prices and times on GolfBox when booking your tee time.

Below you will find the prices.

Green fee

  • Green fee for the New Course and Old Course has dynamic pricing – see prices in GolfBox
    • The standard prices for green fees are Old Course: 500,- DKK and New Course: 600,- DKK
  • Green fee for Pay & Play: 175,- DKK for a day green fee
  • Green fee for Golf Simulator: From 200,- DKK per hour (we recommend 2 people per hour booked)
  • Junior players: Half price of the dynamic price (does not apply to golf simulators)

Book your tee time for Old Course, New Course, Pay & Play, or Golf Simulator in GolfBox or through HimmerLand Golf Shop at 9649 6107.

Payment is made at the HimmerLand Golf Shop or at the Golfmore machine, which is located just to the right of the reception.

What is green fee?

Green fee is the fee you pay to play a round on HimmerLand’s golf courses if you are not a member of HimmerLand Golf Club.

Prices are dynamic and vary depending on the time of day, day of the week, season, and which of our 3 golf courses you wish to play on.


Golf Lessons

Golf lessons includes TrackMan if desired.

Driver, iron shots, approach shots, putting, or bunker lesson

  • 20 min: 250 DKK
  • 45 min: 500 DKK
  • 20 min (junior): 200 DKK

Group Training

  • 3-8 people, 60 min: 1,000 DKK

Course Training

  • 2-hour course training on Old Course for members (1-2 people): 900 DKK
  • 2-hour course training on Old Course for green fee guests (1-2 people): 1,100 DKK


  • Custom fitting of golf equipment: 600 DKK (included in the price when purchasing equipment in HimmerLand Golfshop)


  • Practice balls, 30 balls: 40 DKK 
  • Practice balls, 70 balls: 60 DKK 
  • Rental trolley (per day): 75 DKK
  • Electric trolley (per round): 150 DKK
  • Rental equipment (5 irons and a putter including 3 balls): 175 DKK 
  • Rental equipment (full set): 300 DKK
  • Course guide per piece per course: 25 DKK

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact HimmerLand Golfshop at +45 9649 6100 or email: golfshop@himmerland.eu


Green fee agreements

We have entered into green fee agreements with the following golf clubs:

A 33% discount is provided off the prevailing price at any given time. (Prices are variable). The price can never fall below a minimum of 300 DKK per round. Par 3 courses are exempt.

To qualify for the discount, the following must be met:

  • You must have full membership in one of the above-mentioned golf clubs

Flex members and Long-distance members are not entitled to use the scheme.

Use of courtesy cards:

  • DGU introduction card – PGA card (pros) – GAF card (club secretary) – DGA card (greenkeeper)
  • Players can play Old Course for free and New Course for 600 DKK per person, however, a maximum of 3 times per year per course. Valid DGU and club membership cards must be presented. Prior arrangement with HimmerLand must be made before play.
  • Prices cannot be combined with other offers and discount agreements.

Garia Golf Carts

The design is beautiful and innovative, ensuring you have the perfect golfing experience with features such as a built-in cooler, comfortable seats for 2, and space for 2 bags at the back.


  • 1 round: 375 DKK
  • 2 rounds (must be on the same day): 500 DKK

Personal vehicles are not allowed on our golf courses. 

Garia Golf Carts can be booked through HimmerLand Golfshop at +45 9649 6107 or via email golfshop@himmerland.eu 


Driving Range

Our driving range is 350 meters long, and you can practice in dry conditions year-round with 20 covered spaces. At the driving range, you will find target greens, and right next to it, you’ll find a short game area. There is heating available on 6 spaces during the winter. 

Practice balls can be purchased in HimmerLand Golfshop or via the app/credit card/MobilePay at the driving range. The balls you practice with are Titleist. 


Starters House

Your golf round in HimmerLand begins in HimmerLand Golfshop, where you receive your scorecard. Hole 1 for both Old Course and New Course is located behind our Starters House, which is open on weekends, holidays, and during vacation periods. Here, you have the opportunity to purchase beverages for your round. If you get hungry along the way, you can also take advantage of course service, which is available for delivery on weekends, holidays, and during vacation periods. 

At Starters House, there is a putting green and chipping green where you can fine-tune your game before heading out onto the course. 



You always have the option to purchase on-course refreshments at our Merchant, which offers delicious to-go meals, beverages, snacks, and much more. After your round, it’s perfect to continue in Hul19 for a tasty steak sandwich, pizza, or something completely different.

On weekends, holidays, and during vacation periods, you can also order on-course service. Inquire on the day in HimmerLand Golfshop.


Other Facilities  

Equipment Cleaning 

You have the opportunity to wash your equipment at our washing area located near our mini-golf course. Here, you will find brushes, wash basins, and an air gun. 

Changing Rooms 

We offer changing facilities with showers, toilets, and storage. The changing rooms are located in the basement under the club office, accessible via the staircase near the mini-golf course. 


HimmerLand Golfshop

If you’re in need of equipment, balls, clothing, bags, or anything else, you can always seek assistance in HimmerLand Golfshop. Here, you’ll find a wide selection of the best brands on the market. In HimmerLand Golfshop, you’ll receive personalized advice and assistance in finding the right equipment for you – our staff is ready to assist you. 

HimmerLand Golfshop is run by passionate golf enthusiasts who are dedicated to helping you find exactly what you need. Therefore, you can rest assured that you’ll be greeted with plenty of expertise and a focus on your needs. 

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