The New Course is our DP World Tour golf course

Look forward to testing the DP World Tour golf course.

Welcome to the New Course

The New Course takes you on a tour of the entire world of golf. From technical par 3 holes to tricky par 5s – the New Course has it all.

At the New Course, you will also have the opportunity to play the legendary Hole 16, which is a real crowd favourite when the DP World Tour comes to HimmerLand. And with its exciting layout, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make a hole-in-one.


Did you know that New Course has one of the rare par-6 holes? At 590 metres, hole 11 on the New Course is a challenge for even the most seasoned golfer.


Did you know that Hole 16 on the New Course has the most hole-in-ones every year during Made in HimmerLand?


Did you know that Lars Larsen always wanted a steak sandwich after his round of golf, and that today you can get a Larsen steak sandwich at Hole 19?


Used for Made in HimmerLand and Challenge Tour

The New Course is our DP World Tour golf course, which is used for Made in HimmerLand and the Challenge Tour. This is also where you will find hole 16, “Himmerland Hill”, which has achieved an almost legendary status in the DP World Tour as the hole almost forms a natural grandstand, and the hole is known for good hole-in-one chances.



The New Course – the golf course for the experienced

The New Course is our most challenging course, and along the way you’ll experience beautiful scenery, stunning fields and impressive fairways. With a length varying from 5,200 m to 6,800 m, spread over 5 different tee locations, challenging play is guaranteed. It is not without reason that the course requires handicap 40.

Standard playing time is 4 hours and 30 minutes


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