Play the popular padel in HimmerLand, where you can choose from 10 padel courts. You have the option of selecting from 8 indoor courts, both for singles and doubles, and 2 outdoor double courts.

Bats are included in your court rental and padel balls can be puchased at the courts. Changing facilities are available in the two padel halls in HimmerLand.

Padel in HimmerLand

If you want to play padel in Northern Jutland, HimmerLand is an excellent destination. With padel courts both indoors and outdoors, you can play padel year-round in HimmerLand.

When you book your padel court, you will receive a 6-digit code via email, which you need to enter to access your padel court. The lights on the padel courts will automatically turn on 5 minutes before your court booking starts.


  • 8 indoor padel courts (2 singles and 6 doubles) and 2 outdoor double courts
  • Changing rooms with shower facilities
  • Snack bar offering the opportunity to buy new balls, refreshments, and snacks


  • From DKK 140,- per hour per court – loaner bats are hanging at the courts and balls can be purchased at the kiosk next to the changing rooms

If you’re looking for someone to play with, you can find the group “HimmerLand Padel – søg med- og modspillere” on Facebook.

Opening hours:

  • Padel tennis can be booked between 05:00-23:00 all year round.

You can customize your own goodie bag, which you can pick up at the grocery store. This way, you can refuel before, during, or after your padel game with, for example, a sandwich and something to drink. Order your goodie bag via email her.


Unique padel packages on weekdays 

Monday to Thursday you can get a great price on either Breakfast & Padel or Lunch & Padel.

2 hours of padel combined with either breakfast or optional lunch dish in Restaurant Hul19.

Padel level

If you find it difficult to assess your own padel level, our overview might help you quantify it when looking for playing partners. Find playing partners for padel at HimmerLand here.

In HimmerLand, we assess padel levels from 0 to 7, where level 0 is an absolute beginner, and level 7 is someone who has played at a high level for several years.


  • 1.0 = You have no experience with padel but think it could be something for you and would like to try the game.
  • 1.5 = You have played padel a few times, know the rules, but haven’t mastered using the glass yet. You still lack control in your game and have deficiencies in your basic technique, but you’re starting to engage in some duels.


  • 2.0 = You play with some control and have started to use the glass more. You may have experience from another racket sport and benefit from it.
  • 2.5 = You have started to play with tactical understanding, use different padel shots throughout the match, and play well in Americano tournaments.


  • 3.0 = You play padel regularly and play with control and confidence most of the game. However, you still make unforced errors in your game.
  • 3.5 = You play padel weekly, have fewer unforced errors in your game, longer duels, understand tactics and positioning on the court, can use the glass, and have speed in your duels.


  • 4.0 = You play with great confidence in your game and have a good understanding of both the tactical and technical aspects of the game.
  • 4.5 = You are seeded in DPF 200 tournaments or play DPF 400 tournaments and have a level for the Elite Division in the Lunar league.


  • 5.0 = You are seeded in DPF 400 tournaments and have a level for the Elite Division in the Lunar league.
  • 5.5 = You are a national team player or play at the level of those on the national team.
  • 6.0 = You play professionally and are ranked in the WPT top 250. 7.0 = You play professionally and are ranked in the WPT top 100.

Padel as networking activity

If you want to strengthen your network, padel is an excellent activity to do together either before or after a meeting. At HimmerLand, we offer the opportunity to book padel with a meeting room and a padel instructor as a networking activity. For padel as a networking activity, a minimum of 8 people is required.

Option 1 – Padel with Meeting Room

  • 2 padel courts for 2 hours with an instructor/leader of the Americano padel tournament
  • Meeting room for 4 hours including water, coffee, and tea, and snacks either before or after padel
  • For padel as a networking activity, a minimum of 8 people is required.

Option 2 – Padel without Meeting Room

  • 2 padel courts for 2 hours with an instructor/leader of the Americano padel tournament
  • For padel as a networking activity, a minimum of 8 people is required.
  • Request padel as a networking activity.

Padel has taken the world by storm

Padel has quickly gained popularity in Denmark and the rest of the world – now also in HimmerLand. Although padel has existed since the 1970s, when it became popular in Spain, it is only in the last few years that Denmark and many other countries have become familiar with padel.

Those who have tried the popular game understand why the sport has quickly become popular. With its interesting blend of both squash and tennis, the sport is very accessible and easy to get started with.

Padel in HimmerLand is played on certified Adidas courts – both outdoors and indoors. In the two padel halls, you will experience professional courts with a ceiling height of up to 15 meters.



What is padel?

Padel, also known as padel tennis, is a dynamic and popular sport that combines tennis and squash and can be played as either singles or doubles. On a rectangular court, surrounded by glass walls and a net, players compete to score points by controlling the ball and placing it strategically in the opponents’ court.

The ball, a softer version of a tennis ball, allows precise control and variation in strokes. The serve must be executed underhand and the ball must hit the floor before the player serves over to the opponents’ half of the court. The glass walls open up exciting tactical possibilities, as it is allowed to bring the walls into play provided the ball has hit the court first. Players must therefore be aware of their position on the court.

The scoring system is similar to tennis, where a set consists of 6 games. In a game, the points are counted as follows: 0, 15, 30, 40, game. If the score is 40-40, two points are required for a team to win the game.

Padel is a sport that appeals to players of all levels as it combines physical activity with tactical intelligence and socializing. Whether playing for fun with friends or competing at a higher level, padel offers a fun and challenging experience that always gets the heart rate up.


How to play padel

  • The game begins with player 1 hitting the ball on the ground, after which the serve is made before the ball goes above hip height. The serve is done underhand, unlike regular tennis.
  • Each player serves in one set at a time.
  • The ball must touch the ground once on each player’s court.
  • The ball is allowed to hit the walls multiple times during a game, as long as it only touches the ground once each time it crosses the net and changes court halves.
  • The ball must always touch the ground before it can hit the walls. Points are scored similarly to regular tennis.
  • Padel is played in regular indoor shoes.
  • Unlike tennis, a smash is not always an advantage in padel. Here, it’s the more cunning shots and lobs that can be tricky for the opponent.

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