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We recommend that you start your day at HimmerLand Spa with one of our exclusive treatments, as they form the foundation for your experience in our spa areas.

Look forward to exploring our various spa areas, which offer outdoor hot tubs, a pool, snow bliss, saunas, and much more – welcome to HimmerLand Spa.

Spa Areas 

The range of facilities in our spa area includes snowbliss, steam bath, foot baths, herbal sauna, salt lounge, outdoor hot tubs, pool, as well as a spa café and shop. 

Your spa admission is valid for 3 hours from your booked time. The time spent in the spa areas is exclusive of the time you use for treatments or dining in our spa café. 


Spa Treatments 

In HimmerLand Spa, we strive to provide you with the optimal benefits for body and soul. 

Our exclusive spa treatments are all based on your desires and goals. 


Spa Café 

In our spa café, you can order from our menu of delicious, light dishes, delightful snacks, and refreshing beverages. 

You can enjoy your food in the café or on our terrace, weather permitting. 

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Sauna infusion

Sauna infusion is an aromatherapeutic experience that stimulates your body’s senses and leaves you completely relaxed. We regularly hold sauna infusions. 

Each infusion has a specific theme, which can be anything from detox, recovery, invigorating, or something entirely different. 

Good tips for sauna infusion

  • Make sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after the sauna infusion.
  • It’s a good idea to cool down between multiple infusions.
  • Use a towel to sit on and have an extra one ready to dry off during the infusion.
  • Take some ice from our snowbliss into the sauna to cool down during the infusion.

Our food is both ordinary but also something special

We take pride in ensuring that meals reflect the soul of the house and are tailored to our guests’ tastes and preferences. Local ingredients, sustainability and quality go hand in hand and we never compromise on taste.

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