Spa areas

The range of facilities in our spa area includes a Snowbliss, steam bath, foot baths, herbal sauna, salt lounge, outdoor whirlpools, and a spa café and shop.

Warm areas


If you need to freshen up, take a trip to Snowbliss. Here, you get a cold experience, as you know from the winter cold and snow.

Snowbliss is a snow bath that lets a lot of snow fall on you. At the touch of a button, you’ll have a fun experience as the snow falls on you, giving you a nice, cooling experience. You can choose to be refreshed by a cosy snowfall or have a more intense experience with a snowstorm.

The cold tub

The cold tub is perfect for challenging your friends and acquaintances, for challenging yourself and for boosting your immune system.

In HimmerLand Spa, you will find the big cold tub, which will give you a cold shiver. When you pull the cord, a large amount of cold water suddenly falls on you, giving the body a thermal shock. It helps strengthen the immune system, boosts circulation, and re-energizes the body.

Relaxing water

Salt Lounge

In our salt lounge, you will experience a unique atmosphere where well-being and relaxation are the focus. In the salt lounge, you can enjoy time in the floating bunks, feeling the salts cleanse your body and unite the day’s many experiences.

The salts that circulate in the room have a relaxing effect on the body, strengthen your immune system, and have a positive effect on your skin, which will feel nice and soft afterward.

Sit back and relax as the salts slowly work. Here, the time is all yours.

Footbath lounge 

In our cosy footbath lounge, you have the opportunity to pamper your feet while socializing and fellowship are in focus. The footbath lounge is ideal for a chat with your friend, mother, or girlfriend. Here the time is all yours.

Your feet are cared for in the warm water with softening foot bath salts. You also have the option to purchase an extended foot pampering package, which includes foot salt, foot scrub, foot mask, and delicious foot cream.

Self-treatment area 

On the 1st floor of HimmerLand Spa, you will find a self-treatment area. Here, you can enjoy time to yourself and pamper the parts of your body that need it most.

In the spa shop, we offer wonderful, high-quality self-treatment packages from some of the wonderful brands sold in the spa shop.

Visit our Spa Cafe´ or Spa Shop

Heated sun loungers 

In our thermal area, you will find heated sun loungers. The loungers are perfect for getting warm after a chilly walk under the cold tub and Snowbliss – or just for relaxation.

The loungers are shaped to give you a great time, while warming up your body.

Relaxation areas

As you move around the HimmerLand Spa, you will come across cosy lounge areas in several places. Here, you are free to take a seat if you want to enjoy a drink from the spa bar or just need some relaxation time.

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