Spa Areas

HimmerLand Spa is created with a focus on treatments, which is why we recommend that you immerse yourself in our treatment universe before indulging in our exquisite spa areas.

We believe that a treatment provides you with the best foundation for a complete spa experience.

Spa Areas

Get an overview of the spa areas you can experience in HimmerLand Spa: 

  • Outdoor Hot Tubs 38°C  
  • Outdoor Pool 36°C  
  • Herbal Sauna 45-70°C  
  • Sauna 85-95°C  
  • Snowbliss  
  • The Cold Tub  
  • Steam Bath 42-45°C  
  • Salt Relax Lounge  
  • Foot Bath  
  • Outdoor Terrace and Balcony  
  • Spa Bar with water, sparkling water, and fruit  

A visit in HimmerLand Spa always includes the rental of a bathrobe, slippers, towel, and a water bottle, which you can take home with you. 

Additionally, you’ll find a spa bar where you can help yourself to fruit and still or sparkling water. 

Your spa admission is valid for 3 hours, excluding the time you spend on treatments or dining in our spa café. 

You must be at least 16 years old to access our spa areas, but on selected days, we host family spa events. 


The Thermal Area 

Herbal Sauna – 45-70°C 

The herbal sauna is a biosauna with a special aroma. Here, the warmth and delightful scents surround you, allowing you time for relaxation and detachment from everyday life. The sauna is heated to 45-70 degrees Celsius and has a humidity of 10-40%. 

Sauna – 85-95°C

In our thermal area, you’ll find our classic sauna. In the sauna, you may sometimes experience a sauna infusion, where essential oils, where essential oils, combined with selected music, set the mood for a relaxing moment. Besides its unique appearance, the large, hot sauna is a traditional Finnish sauna, heated to 85-95 degrees Celsius. It’s the perfect place for relaxation and quality time. 


With just one press of a button, you can unleash the forces of nature as the snow falls over you, providing a refreshing and pleasant experience. You can choose whether to be invigorated by a gentle snowfall or to have a more intense experience with a snowstorm. It is also popular to bring snow into the sauna. 

Steam Bath – 42-47°C 

When you step into the steam bath, you’ll be surrounded by moist warmth that heats your body and soothes your muscles. The steam bath is heated to temperatures between 42-47 degrees Celsius. 

The steam bath offers a unique experience that will vary. It’s the perfect place for immersive experiences and enjoyable time together, as you’ll be surprised by the different sensations the steam bath provides. 

A great tip is to bring a body scrub or clay mask into the steam bath and let it sit while the steam and the product work on your skin. After letting the body scrub or clay mask work, you can rinse off the products using the designated showers in the steam bath. 



Heated Pool 

HimmerLand Spa offers many unique spa experiences, but we also have a classic and popular heated pool at 36°C. 

The pool starts indoors and extends outdoors – you just need to press a button to open the gate. The pool features a waterfall that can massage your back and neck. You can also let the bubbles from the underwater bench massage your legs while enjoying the fresh air. 

There’s something truly special about immersing yourself in the warm water and when you resurface, you feel the fresh air on your face. 



Outdoor Hot Tubs 

On the beautiful spa terrace, you will find two hot tubs with massage features for the back and feet. Here, you can enjoy relaxation and quality time while admiring the stunning views that surround HimmerLand. 

No matter when you visit HimmerLand Spa, the hot tubs are a delightful and popular spa experience. 

You can enhance your experience by ordering some delicious cocktails from the spa café and taking them with you to the hot tubs. 



Salt Relax Lounge

In our salt lounge, you will experience a truly unique atmosphere where well-being and relaxation are the focus. 

In the salt lounge, you can enjoy time in the suspended loungers while feeling how the salts cleanse your body and harmonize the experiences of the day. 

The circulating salts in the room have a calming effect on the body, strengthen your immune system, and positively impact your skin, leaving it wonderfully soft. 

Lean back and relax while the salts work their magic slowly. 

Foot Bath Lounge 

In our cozy foot bath lounge, you have the opportunity to pamper your feet. 

Your feet are treated to warm water with a fragrant and softening foot bath salt, which is provided. You also have the option to purchase an extended pampering package for your feet, which includes foot salt, foot scrub, foot mask, and a luxurious cream for your feet. 

Self-treatment Area 

On the 1st floor of HimmerLand Spa, you’ll find a self-treatment area. Here, you can enjoy some alone time and indulge the parts of your body that need it the most. 

In the spa shop, we offer delightful self-treatment packages with selected specialty products. 

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