All-season bathing and sauna

Take a swin in and enjoy the sauna next to Sjørup Sø

Right next to HimmerLand’s beautiful hotel is Sjørup Sø, which is one of Denmark’s cleanest lakes with high bathing water quality. A pleasant trip with your colleagues that is sure to refresh you no matter what time of year you choose to take a dip.

As part of our bathing activity, you have the opportunity to take a walk in our beautiful barrel sauna overlooking the lake. A maximum of eight people can be in the sauna at any one time.

Want some extra pampering? We’re ready to supply both cold and hot drinks for the sauna, ensuring you have everything you need. Contact us to find out more.


Price:200,- first hour - 100,- subsequent hours
Number of people:6-8 persons
Duration:1-2 hours
Place:Outdoor - Sjørup Sø
Season:All season
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