Five Star Challenge

Compete in disciplines that make you laugh

Five Star Challange is a fun and entertaining activity where the participants compete in 5 different disciplines. The 5 disciplines have different focus points and different strengths and skills are required to complete each discipline. In this way, you ensure that all the participants are challenged in both teamwork and physical ability – regardless of their physical condition.

The participants are divided in teams and each team must complete all 5 disciplines. The teams compete 2 by 2 in the disciplines and when all the disciplines are completed, the ultimate winner of the Five Star Challenge is found.

Participants will be introduced to disciplines such as puzzle, maze and rubber boat regatta*.

*The rubber boat regatta is a seasonal activity from 1 June to 1 October, and will be replaced by another discipline on others from 2 October – 31 May.


Price:Up to 30 persons 18.750,- Then 375,- per pers.
Number of people:30-80 persons
Duration:3-4 hours
Season:All season
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