Himmerland GPS Race

Challenge your inner compass in the beautiful nature surronding HimmerLand

The HimmerLand GPS race is an entertaining teambuilding activity that involves competition, strategy and a beautiful nature experience while testing the participants’ communication skills. Participants are divided into groups and provided with an iPad. The hunt for the various items then begins. At the posts, various tasks have to be solved in the best possible way.

You have the opportunity to influence the competition by inventing your own questions – in whole or in part. It can theme the competition to suit your business. We recommend that you have different types of questions so that guests’ creativity is tested, smiles are put on their faces and brain cells are put to the test. Of course, we’re here to help!

The competition starts with a joint introduction, after which teams are sent out with their faithful companion – the iPad. The game ends and the winner is crowned when all teams are back.


Price:Up to 10 persons 4.000/- Then 300/- per pers.
Number of people:10-100 persons
Duration:1-2 hours
Season:All season
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