Robinson Challenge

Compete in challenges inspired by Robinson Expeditionen

The Robinson Challenge is a fun teambuilding activity that is about collaborating in smaller teams. It is an activity that requires strategic thinking, planning, and knowledge sharing while being a fun activity for the participants. The competitions in the Robinson Challenge are inspired by the popular Danish TV show Robinson Expeditionen

When the activity starts, the participants are divided into teams and a team captain is chosen. The team captain will be thoroughly briefed on the different competitions. It is the team captain’s job to pass on the information to the team, who are given time to practise the activities. The participants are tested on their planning, co-operation, role allocation and structuring skills. Once the training has taken place, the whole challenge ends with the teams completing the activity on time.

The training part of the Robinson Challenge is an important element of this team building activity, as it is where you can facilitate development in a playful, curious and appreciative way.


Price:Depends on the size of the group
Number of people:Maximum 200 people
Duration:2-2.5 hours
Season:1 April - 1 November
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