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By signing up for our newsletter, you consent to HimmerLand sending you emails containing promotions, offers, exclusive discount codes, inspiration, competitions and more general marketing about HimmerLand’s many exciting initiatives.

Your consent also means that we may send autogenerated emails based on your interests and behaviour on our websites, such as category and product interests. In addition to marketing via email, you also consent to HimmerLand marketing themselves to you on social media, via SMS, on the internet and other digital channels, and using your data to optimise the performance of the website.

HimmerLand may also collect and use data about you and your activities and combine such data with other information HimmerLand already has or receives from other sources. This may include cookies from himmerlandresort.dk, which may be used to create a profile that can target enquiries to you.

HimmerLand may share data about you and your activities within the group of companies. If you make a purchase at HimmerLand, the companies may also share your data with the group’s business partners, if relevant.

Your data will always be stored securely, and you can always contact HimmerLand if you have any questions or requests regarding data about you and your activities.

You can always revoke your consent by e-mail – also to the partners with whom HimmerLand has shared your data. There will always be an unsubscribe link at the bottom of all our newsletters.

If in the future other relevant services, partners or ways of communicating will become available, HimmerLand may use this consent to inform you and ask you if you want to update your consent or data about you.

Click here for information about HimmerLand’s Privacy Policy and if you would like information about the data HimmerLand holds about you or if you would like to update your data.

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